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Urban Rights site uses WordPress. In this section of the wiki you can find documentation to administrate and maintain the main functionalities of the site.

The newsletter system

To send newsletters and manage subscription we use The Newsletter plugin. To customize and manage the subscription system is necessary to log in with a user with administrator role.

List of subscribers

It is possible to create lists, groups of subscribers. The lists can be created and edited in the dashboard.

Lists can be public or private. Public lists are available to everyone in the subscription form and in the user subscription profile. Private lists are tools for administrators to organize subscribers.

One subscriber can be in many lists. One newsletter can be send to several lists at the same time.

Import subscribers

For individual subscriptions it is possible to use the front end form.

It is also possible to subscribe a person using the subscribers list in newsletter dashboard.

To import multiple addresses into the newsletter subscriber list it is possible to use the import tool in the dashboard. It is possible to import a CSV with the following format:;first name 1;last name 1;m;first name 2;last name 2;f 

Only the email address is mandatory.

Steps to import subscribers

  1. If the is already subscribers in the system, export the whole list first.
  2. If you want to subscribe the users to one or more lists, create the lists now.
  3. Prepare the data following the format showed above.
  4. Use the import form to upload the CSV file.

Compose a newsletter

It is possible to see all newsletter in the newsletters list. In the list we can edit a newsletter with draft status or create a new one.

Once we have a newsletter composed it is useful to duplicate to create a new one, instead of start from scratch.

Before composing the first newsletter it is needed to make some configurations:

To compose a newsletter the responsive drag and drop composer is very flexible and easy to use. This composer has multiple templates to start with or just an empty newsletter to get filled with the ready to use modules.

It is mandatory to include in every newsletter a link to make easy to unsubscribe in any moment. This can be done with the footer module in the drag and drop composer.

Send a newsletter

Before starting the real sending process it is a good idea to see if everything is correct. It is possible to do this by sending the newsletter in test mode to the test subscribers in the Test tab. A subscriber can be included in the test users using the subscribers list.

When the newsletter is composed and the tests completed it is the moment to really send it. The delivery options are accessible by clicking in the button “Next”.

In the tab Sending options it is possible to define the target: all the subscribers, just the subscribers in one list…

In Advance it is possible to set up the visibility of the newsletter. If the option Keep private is deactivated the newsletter will be accessible as a web page with a permanent URL and will be listed in the newsletter archive accessible in the Newsletter page. If this option is activated the newsletter will be just accessible by mail.

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